Bosch SDS Plus Chisel Set


Description & Specification

This Bosch SDS-Plus chisel set (part number 2607019159) contains three chisels: one flat, one pointed and one for tiles. This set is ideal for combining all chiseling needs and offers great value for money.

Point chisels are used for breaking away masonry and concrete, whereas flat chisels are used for finer work or revealing reinforcements. Tile chisels are typically used for removing wall and floor tiles.

This Bosch SDS chisel set contains:

1x Long-life pointed chisel measuring 250mm long with a 20mm cutting edge
1x Long-life flat chisel measuring 250mm long with a 40mm cutting edge
1x Self-sharpening tile chisel measuring 260mm long

Other sizes in SDS PLUS and SDS MAX available. Please email for sizes and prices.