Bosch GCL 2-50 Self Level Red Laser


Red Beam Cross Line Laser

Description & Specification

The GCL 2-50 C laser level has two plumb points for aligning a point from floor to ceiling, one horizontal line, and one vertical line.

The Bluetooth-connected laser level is highly accurate, delivering precise results within ± 0.3 mm/m* for laser lines and ± 0.7mm/m* for plumb points. With the Bluetooth-connected smartphone app, Levelling Remote App, the device can be controlled remotely. The device can be precisely positioned around plumb points using the fine adjustment knob on the RM 2 rotating mount. Or, using the additionally available motorized RM 3 rotating mount, the level can be positioned without touching the device, aiding in easy and precise adjustment.

For added flexibility, the device can be used with AA batteries and the AA1-battery adapter, or an additionally available 12 V Li-ion battery.

*plus use-dependent deviation