Hacksaw Twin Pack


Description & Specification

The Bahco 317/239 Hacksaw Twin Pack contains the following:  1 x Bahco 317 Hacksaw for all-round use. It has a slim, comfortable frame design to improve access in confined spaces and to allow easier storage. The special grip at the front of the frame provides good support for the guiding hand to ensure superb performance.

The hacksaw frame has an alternative 90° blade mounting for flush cutting. It is supplied complete with a 300mm (12in) 24 TPI reliable and shatterproof Sandflex® bi-metal blade for excellent cutting performance.

Frame Length: 432mm
Blade Length: 300mm (12in)
Weight: 470g

1 x Bahco 239 Junior Saw with a wire frame and an orange lacquered finish. Fitted with a 32 TPI blade for metal cutting.

Blade Length: 150mm (6in).