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– Unprecedented cordless power over 1,000W
– Automatically change between 2 voltages
– Compatible with the current 18V slide range
– Remaining Battery Indicator -Displays charging state in 4 stages.

Description & Specification

The MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion batteries, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offer unprecedented cordless power over 1,000W.
The MULTI VOLT batteries are designed to be compatible with the current 18V slide range, and automatically change between 2 voltages, 36V 2.5Ah (BSL36A18) / 4.0Ah (BSL36B18) and 18V 5.0Ah (BSL36A18) / 8.0Ah (BSL36B18), according to the tool used. The BSL36A18 MULTI VOLT battery has almost the same size and weight of a 18V battery (BSL1850/1860), and produces the power of a 36V.

 BSL36A18  BSL36B18
Voltage & Capacity 36V – 2.5Ah / 18V – 5.0Ah (dual voltage) 36V – 4.0Ah / 18V – 8.0Ah (dual voltage)
Cooling System Yes Yes
Dimensions 116 x 69 x 76mm (4-9/16″ x 2-23/32″ x 2-63/64″) 134 x 83 x 75mm (5-9/32″ x 3-17/64″ x 2-61/64″)
Charge Time Approx. 32 min
(when using the UC18YSL3 charger)
Approx. 52 min
(when using the UC18YSL3 charger)


Compatible Products 18V:Existing 18V slide-type tools, 36V: MULTI VOLT 36V tools
Compatible Chargers All chargers compatible with 14.4-36V slide-type Lithium-ion batteries


Models NOT Compatible with BSL36B18 MULTI VOLT Battery

Cordless High Pressure Washer AW18DBL
Cordless Circular Saw C18DBL
Cordless Cleaner R18DSAL
Cordless Circular Saw C18DBL
Cordless Worklight UB18DGL
Cordless Fan UF18DSL, UF18DSAL
Cordless Radio UR18DSL, UR18DSL2, UR18DSAL, UR18DSDL, UR18DSML
Charger UC36YRSL