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Stanley Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun 0TR250


Description & Specification

The Stanley 0TR250 is a heavy duty staple gun/nailer and is fitted with an easy push handle that will penetrate the staple or nail into a workpiece with ease. With the pinch point free design helping to protect cables, so not to get crushed on application. This Stanley 0TR250 has an aluminum cast housing for greater durability and strength and is fitted with a hi-low adjustment to match density of materials. To load the gun with staples or brads is a simple and easy action, with a quick release chamber. Complete with a lock-down handle system to help for a neat and tidy storage. This stapler will accept heavy-duty 6 mm-14 mm staples and 12 mm-15 mm brads for multiple applications — cable laying, upholstery work, fencing, architrave fitting and much more.